The Creative Mind of Jim Wildman

For more than a decade, Jim Wildman has had a fascination with wood. Now he produces sculptural artworks using wood pieces he has assembled or collected from forgotten buildings, dismantled barns or reclaimed wood from architectural deconstructions and assemblages. He then combines metals, hardwoods, plastics, clay, stone, and industrial elements along with found and assembled wood pieces. He continues to explore fascinating places in his imagination using relics of the earth to immerse himself in the wonders of nature. In his wood studio and art studio he combines these materials into free form sculptures. Jim Wildman is a highly accomplished sculptor and woodworker whose work can be found evolving in his everyday world.

CUSTOM Sculpture

One-of-a-kind pieces that are true statements of individuality. Provide your clients with unique design to reflect individual tastes. Endless possibilities in WOOD SCULPTURE.

Wood Combine Sculptures with Stone

My desire is to give a new life to different materials, such as recovered wood found in the renovation of an old farm or building. These sculptures are pieces of oak framework that is many years old and fragments of oklahoma stone. With each piece I juxtapose them, assemble them, or couple them into a final sculpture element.


"I strive to create and capture the primitive beauty within familiar forms. Due to my architectural background I see them anew and imagine their place in a new time and space.

As I work with found and assembled pieces I am really creating and constructing a bridge between those beautiful found pieces into a new complex design. Inspired by the geometry inherent within the nature, I create structures which are once again dynamic, yet organic and industrial, intricate yet beautiful."

Abstract Geometric Wooden Sculpture or 3D Mosacis

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Jim Wildman’s work explores the relationship materials have to one another and their place in nature. Each work is a thoughtful composite of wood varieties. His architectural background enables him to see life as a design composition and then he simplifies his observations into line, rhythm, shape and form.

Each piece is unique and are conversational sculptures that speak to the viewer in a distinct way. Being an abstraction, they can highlight new ideas as we ourselves change over time.

“Wood is a living medium that has been part of my creative process for years. Trees can live thousands of years and give us life and comfort, however we can also utilize them to create beautiful objects.”

Wood Sculptures and Wall 3D Mosaics Wood warms a space and creates a specific mood. It brings nature inside our homes and reminds us of our humble origins as part of larger interconnected world.

Jim’s sculpture combines expose and illuminate the innate beauty of wood. The works are created to display the natural grain. His contemporary designs incorporate colored metal, copper, brass, steel, and often incorporate CNC carved textures and graphic elements. Wood varieties are unique and beautiful and combines include exotic hardwoods from all over the world.

“My hope is that my abstracted sculptures, and assemblages will invoke a reconnection and recognition and impart the wonder that I feel for wood and nature. I work closely with private collectors and corporate curators and collaborate with interior designers, architects and design professionals to develop meaningful sculptural art collections."

– Jim Wildman

Custom CNC Carvings

CNC Gift Box

CNC Door Treatment

Custom Designs

W O O D C A R V I N G & C R A F T S M A N S H I P R E D E F I N E D

Imposing Sculptures Interior Design Room Decoration

Free Standing Floor pieces, Wall Mount or Table Top Sculpture

Each are more than a decoration they are a work of art.

JW DESIGNS celebrate's the beauty of natural wood by designing and creating exquisitely crafted architectural woodcarvings. Wood is one of the palettes in which he creates. JW Designs uses CNC architectural creative cuttings woodcarving and innovative assembly that creates high quality, timeless sculptures providing innovative design details to builders, designers, architects and cabinetry companies. Driven by a commitment to originality he custom creates using the finest materials and uppermost standards of craftsmanship.

Constantin Brancusi

"Making something with your hands is a gift."

Jim Wildman

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Jim Wildman

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