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Box Beams

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Box Beams

Box Beams - Real Wood, Less Weight

Make an impressive statement with ceiling box beams! Wildman Custom Woodworking (WCW) proudly offers a unique solution to the increasing demand and diminishing supply of solid reclaimed beams. Wood box beams offer unlimited possibilities for all styles of exteriors or interiors.

Wildman Custom Woodworks handcrafts box beams to give the appearance of solid timbers. Durable, lightweight and realistic, box beams add decorative elements as well as providing an eye-pleasing way to hide speakers, wiring , or plumbing. Box beams provide all of the characteristics of a solid wood beam, at a fraction of the weight. With a variety of surface and corner texture options, they can be utilized to complement any architectural style. In addition to adding elegance and detailing, distinctive box beams set a room apart: adding movement to the space with fine architectural detailing.

Many homeowners believe box beams to be heavy and solid: questioning how they can be installed without a crane. Offering the appearance and style of solid beams, box beams are actually hollow: installed for strictly decorative purposes. If you do not have to include a true support beam, you will have complete freedom to locate ceiling box beams wherever you choose. To make your home truly unique, consider running beams in a grid for a coffered ceiling.

Beams finished with matching accent moulding are elegant statements in both formal and rustic decors.


  • Width and Height Various Dimensions

  • 3-Sided Box Beam

  • Matched grain to provide a solid beam appearance

  • Custom corner joinery

  • Choose From A Wide Selection of Wood Types Available

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Custom Shipping - Quote Required

  • Custom dimensions available - call Jim at 918-232-4544 for a quote

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