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JW Designs -Jim Wildman- Custom Woodworking, Doors, Furniture, Beams, Cabinets, Counter tops, Sculpture, Fine Art, Wall Decor. Our goal is to provide the finest handmade custom products, furniture and cabinetry using traditional methods along with today's technology to ensure the highest quality available. Superior craftsmanship working with architects, builders, interior designers and homeowners. Claremore Oklahoma. Serving Green Country. JW Designs. Ship anywhere.

One-Of-A-Kind Ideas To Life!

Your home should be as unique as you are, reflecting your personal style through customized accessories.

Jim Wildman combines concierge-style customer service with creative custom woodworking to handcraft a unique look in any room of your home with a diverse array of exquisite wooden home décor items and architectural accents. .

Find the perfect décor item to complete every room in your home, from blanket chests, wooden boxes, gun cases, and kitchen accessories to picture frames and wall art.

Turning your ideas into reality, Jim Wildman JW DESIGNS crafts wooden architectural elements with custom CNC carvings of your choice, utilizing most any type of wood and personalized graphics or designs. Wood selections and sizes are modified to your specifications.

CNC Carved Wooden Memory Boxes.

Do you want a unique gift for someone who is special to you?

Let me make an Ornamental Carved Box especially designed for you.

Wood boxes with custom CNC carvings of your choice!

Most any type wood available and most any graphic, motif or pattern design you desire can carve on it, from emblems to insignias.

Box size and type can be modified to your specifications. Our cutter can be set to create a chiseled look to lettering and other shapes. We have the experience and capabilities to produce contoured shapes cut to your specifications. You have almost unlimited shapes and contours and 3D elements that we can carve to be uniquely your own design.