CNC Routing + 3D Carving

Trust me I can create your project in my state-of-the-art CNC router shop. My CNC enables me to accurately cut, drill, engrave, your 3D-carve parts from specialty woods (oak) etc., plastics, foams, and countless other materials with various sizes as large as 48” x 96” up to 4” thick.

If you have a project or idea let me collaborate on your creative projects—no matter where you are in the process. I can help guide you from concept to completion. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind creation or several hundred parts for an ongoing production run, we can meet your deadlines and offer competitive quotes.

jwildman.com. Jim Wildman. JW DESIGNS. Master craftsman custom woodworking made by hand (to order) solid wood doors from the finest timbers custom built handmade luxury architectural wood doors (exterior-interior); home wall decor to builders, architects, interior designers, homeowners. Claremore (Tulsa) Oklahoma. Crafting Fine art, furniture, wall decor and cabinetry using traditional methods along with today's technology to ensure the highest quality available. We design and build our American made custom doors and furnishings by hand to world class antique collector standards.

Let me help you as you help me. To save setup time for most of CNC parts I build I prefer to receive 2D plan view drawings in .DXF format. If your part requires special design elements, depth pockets, slots, or partial drills please provide clear notes and/or side profile drawings of your requirements. For 3D carvings we prefer .STL or the native 3D program file.

All files should have at least one dimension that I can use to check or adjust the scale.

If you do not have a CAD file for your part or project, no problem, we can create one from a sketch or image that you have. There may be a charge for this service depending on the complexity of the parts. Let's talk and get started. Call me: Phone: 918-809-9224

What to Expect:

To speed up the quoting process, please be prepared to provide :

  1. What do you need us to make?

  2. In what city and state is the project located?

  3. Will we deliver and install or will you make your own delivery and install arrangements?

  4. Are there any existing designer or architect specifications? If so, please provide the documentation containing pertinent details.

  5. Does the project have a deadline?

Once the scope of the project has been discussed, we will determine if a floor plan is needed or not. If so, the client will provide either an architectural drawing or we will do an onsite measuring/photography session.

CNC Ornamental Carving

JW DESIGNS features unique wooden trunks and memory boxes with custom CNC carvings of your choice ! You are only limited by your imagination. Choose from most any type of wood. Use our original patterns and templates or any graphic pattern you find online. Box types, sizes and shapes can be modified to your personal specifications.

CNC Ornamental Carving

Where sculpture and carpentry merge . . . .

JW DESIGNS offers fine, handcrafted and CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Ornamental Carving. We specialize in 3D cutting, machining, and sculpting. Your design, logo, or emblem can be used in a diverse array of projects. Our custom CNC wood carving service will add a personal touch to your front door, cabinet doors, front of your island or a little embellishment on your custom cabinets or closet. With CNC technology, Wildman Custom Woodworks can create an affordable, one of a kind look, that will last a lifetime. We specialize in being able to offer custom design to fit your wants, needs, and decorating dreams.

CUSTOM DOORS are my specialty.

I also like to make TREASURE BOXES

CNC Routing applications:

Due to the incredible versatility of the CNC process and the range of materials that can be processed the following list is provided:

  • Custom Doors

  • Architectural Millwork

  • Signs, panels, V-carving, letters, 3D carving, crests, clock faces, molding

  • Cabinetry, panels, doors (Shaker, carved, 5 part - MDF), decoration

  • Boxes, cases, altars/mandir

  • Furniture, panels, parts, decoration

  • Games, boards, parts, decoration

  • Toys

  • Low relief

  • Musical instrument parts (necks, bodies, etc.)

  • Plugs/molds (vacuum, composite)

  • Statues

  • Screens, decorative panels


  • Architectural Elements + Moldings

  • Automotive + Boat Trim

  • Cabinet Doors + Components

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Decorative Panels + Screens

  • Exhibits + Display Parts

  • Fine Art + DIY Maker Crafts

  • Forms + Molds

  • Furniture

  • Machine Parts

  • Masonry Forms

  • Packaging Materials

  • Photo Relief Carving

  • Point of Purchase Displays

  • Prototypes + Inventions

  • Relief Carving + Engraving

  • Reproduction + Restoration Parts

  • Scale Models

  • Signs + Lettering

  • Solid Surface Countertops

  • Templates + Stencils

  • Toys + Games


CNC Routing Information


We can cut and carve;

  • Acrylic, (Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, Perspex, PMMA)

  • Delrin

  • UHMW

  • HDPE

  • EPS (the blue and pink foams, not the expanded bead foam)

  • Dibond

  • Alumalite

  • Gatorfoam

  • Sintra/Komatex/PVC

  • HDU

  • Corian / solid surface

  • Particle board

  • Masonite

  • Melamine


  • Wood (hardwoods and softwoods)

  • Plywood (not fir, Please)

  • and many others

  • We cannot cut or carve;

  • Glass

  • Metals

  • We can source most wood and plastic materials from our suppliers (minimum quantities may apply). If you wish you can also ship your materials to us or have them drop shipped to us from your supplier.

I use several professional design software programs including; like Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop, CorelDraw, AutoCad. As a result we are able to cut your 2D or 3D parts with most any file format you may have. We can even convert digital photos into 3D relief carvings.

No matter what your requirements, JW DESIGNS is ready to help you meet your needs:

- Drilling, routing, milling

- Carving

- Engraving

- Custom Inlays

-Dimensional Signs

Working with wood, solid surface, foam, nonferrous metals, and plastics, our CNC router is able to provide:

• Accuracy & detail

• Speed

• Repetitive cuts

Laser Cutting and Wood Engraving

Intricate wood designs for your cabinetry or furniture.

CAD (computer aided design) design, CNC (computer numerical control) combined with wood router is able to carving out custom designs, shapes and cabinet components.

So what is a CNC router? A CNC wood router is a tool that create objects out of wood. The CNC router works much like a computer printer. First, the design is created on the computer in a CAD program, then it is sent to the CNC wood router to make the hard copy of the design into the block of wood. Instead of using ink or laser toner to "print", the CNC wood router uses several different cutting tools to accomplish the task.

Full service CNC Router shop!

Our CNC Router Services work well for:

Large production jobs for companies looking for repetitive cuts. Our CNC router allows us to program your job and keep it on file.

Small jobs and one offs for clients with custom CNC woodworking projects.

Individual jobs like custom house signs and cabinet routing

JW DESIGNS has created a successful product where the tradition of hand carved decorative woodcarving is combined with CNC technology and relief modeling to bring custom or reproduction woodcarving to architectural millwork companies, custom furniture shops or instrument makers to name a few.

Thirty years of hand carving coupled with computer generated modeling gives me the ability to create quality woodcarvings, steeped in tradition, which are second to none.

This approach to woodcarving is cost effective for both custom and production carving. Use it for any type of architectural detail work, furniture elements, casting patterns… almost any application where you would use a relief carving. Contact me to see how decorative art relief modeling and CNC machine carving can enhance your project.

JW Design Custom Woodworking: DOORS. Entry or Interior Doors For Home & Businesses. Unmatched Service. Variety Of Wood Options. Best Quality Available. Handcrafted. Types: Custom Wood Doors, Luxurious Carved Doors, Modern Doors, Contemporary Doors

JW Designs Custom Woodworking, Doors, Furniture, Beams, Cabinets, Counter tops, Art, Wall Decor. Our goal is to provide the finest handmade custom products, furniture and cabinetry using traditional methods along with today's technology to ensure the highest quality available. Superior craftsmanship working with architects, builders, interior designers and home owners. Claremore Oklahoma. Serving Green Country and ship anywhere.