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Jim Wildman


Jim Wildman, is a mixed media contemporary realist painter, sculptor, and master woodworker who lives and works in Claremore, Oklahoma. For more than a decade Jim served as a member of the United States Marine Corp. He is a distinguished combat veteran. A graduate of Oklahoma State University School of Architecture. In addition, to painting Jim has a custom woodworking business, JWDesigns. His Works are both realistic portraits and abstracts. Signature series consists of strong faces created with both palette knife and brush work. Sculptures are wood combines, 3D panels, and carvings. His works are sought after by architects, interior designers, and collectors worldwide.

Artistic Painting Style

Jim Wildman creates a unique combination of new digital media art as well as impactful paintings created on various substrates: canvas, panels, and paper. His paintings are mostly portraits, abstract, or landscapes created in, oil, encaustic or cold wax.

He uses a bold, expressive, layering of paint to bring our eye to the heart of his paintings.

His “Gestural and Pull” paintings are influenced by the Abstract Expressionist art movement and specifically inspired by contemporary masters Gerhard Richter and Pierre Soulage.

“Designing and building fine furniture and creating art gives me an opportunity to share my skill, tell a story and engage the senses." Jim Wildman

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

"I am a craftsman and enjoy the challenge of combining wood or paint into a treasured, finished whole. Designing and making things by hand is a pleasure and also my profession. Exploring and utilizing various wood types or art mediums such as oil, acrylic, and watercolor enliven both my life and my work. Daily I am surrounded by the textures of wood and the smell of sawdust or paint. A guiding force in my work is the belief that furniture or art built well will last forever. My woodworking is noted for using hardwoods made with precise joinery and a variety of surface finishes. As a Woodworker and Artist, I take pride in each piece I build or paint.

When painting I enjoy the serendipity of chance happenings as layers evolve. Creating artworks with unique surface treatment with a tactile quality is one of my gifts. I have developed painting techniques which come from my study as an architect, where one builds upon what has come before. Combining translucent and opaque colors layered with cold wax and encaustic wax is my primary method.

Yes, using a squeegee or a piece of wood to smooth and build areas is painting to me. It is my method of allowing something emotional to take form and be shared with others. My abstract nature paintings are in essence constructed landscapes influenced by my architectural training.

My paintings are places I imagine or locations I hope to explore. My layering technique has parallels to the design process in architecture where more ideas and details are added over time to create a more exacting and exciting construction.

For me, woodworking is about perfection and finishing. Creating a painting has to do with serendipity. In painting, I like using a squeegee or rubber blade, where I can manipulate, make marks or remove paint.

Additionally, I enjoy using the computer to create artworks and have found digital art to be challenging and rewarding as you are not limited by anything but your imagination.

My Inspiration comes from my surroundings, family, environment, travels, and emotions.

"Make it Beautiful and Build it to Last" is the guiding force behind all of my work.”